With the Silo park running for its sixth mighty season we are kicking this year into gear with a returning focus on waste minimisation for our ongoing summer events. Previous years we have put initiatives into place to divert waste from the landfill through how we work with our vendors and the restrictions on their packaging. We have also had a strong focus on transport endorsing cycling and alternative modes of transport. Through running these initiatives we have reduced our carbon footprint but feel an obligation to continue to do so and do better. 



This year we want to increase our efforts surrounding waste minimisation at the Silo park. We want to do this through ongoing initiatives, as well as a series of new initiatives which will help to divert waste from landfill. Furthermore, our aim is to raise awareness of the environmental impact of our events and how to reduce that impact.

Our goal is for all Silo Park activities to be zero waste events by combining and implementing new and old initiatives throughout the summer.


Our new initiatives this year include a reusable cup system from Globlelet, who have already had great successes with events such as Splore and Auckland City Limits. These cups will be purchasable at the Silo Park Bar through a deposit system. 

We are also instating four worm bins to collect and compost food scraps. These worm bins are Hungry Bins which are used in mass successfully in many places across Auckland and beyond. One of our friendly volunteers will keep a close eye on our bins to assure they will be fed the right food scraps plus invite people to find out more about our little composting helpers. 

There will also be new systems of bin lids which aim to make users of Silo park more aware of diverting waste from the landfill and aim to help people with categorising their waste in recycling and compost. 

As always our food vendors will have a big part to play with providing sustainable food packaging to reduce waste going to landfill.     


Throughout the season we will be running workshops demonstrations from innovative groups and individuals with a focus on sustainability, waste minimisation and community. 

Fridays will host demonstrations and performances from artists and collectives which will include demonstrations such as recycling waste in art pieces. 

Saturday will host a series of ongoing workshops from groups such as compost collective. These will educate and raise awareness of our own individual and collective carbon footprints and provide ways to reduce them


To achieve these goals we will be asking for help from volunteers, like minded individuals and collectives. 

If you would like to know more or get in contact with us about volunteering or running workshops, please feel free to email us at info@silopark.co.nz